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Alsace is in between two major influences : German and Roman. Thus, the Alsacian vineyard tells the story of a culture brought by the Romans in the beginning of our era, then brought back to life by the Merovingiens and Carolingiens. In the Middle-Age, the wines of Alsace are already some of the most prestigeous of Europe. The alsacian viticulture shines during the 16th century. This period of prosperity is brutally stopped by the 30-years war, leaving the region subject to robbery, flail, demographic and commercial decline. 

The vineyard of Alsace was reborn after World War 1, when the winemakers decide and commit to a quality policy, by only producing wines made from local grapes. From 1945, this policy is continued by the limitation of the vine growing areas and creation of stricter laws of production and vinification. Then, it receives the AOC Alsace in 1962, Alsace Grand Cru in 1975 and Crémant d'Alsace in 1976. 

The vineyard of Alsace spreads on about 15,000 hectares from North to South, between Strasbourg and Mulhouse. The climate is continental, with warm Springs, dry and sunny Summers and cold Winters. Located in the Rhein valley, the vineyard is protected from the wind and the rain by the Vosges mountain (on the West). The main varieties for white wines frm Alsace are Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Blanc (or Kelvner). Pinot Noir is used for the production of red wines.

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by   8143 customers  (See reviews)

by  8143 customers  (See reviews)

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Domaine Bott-Geyl - Grand Cru Riesling Schlossberg 2013

Domaine Bott Geyl - Riesling Les Eléments 2016

Domaine Bott Geyl - Gewurztraminer Les Eléments 2015

Josmeyer - Pinot Blanc Mise du Printemps 2017

Jean-Baptiste Adam - Riesling Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru Kaefferkopf 2015

Jean-Baptiste Adam - Riesling Letzenberg 2014

Jean-Baptiste Adam - Pinot Gris Les Natures 2015

Jean-Baptiste Adam - Riesling Les Natures 2016

Jean-Baptiste Adam - Crémant d'Alsace Les Natures

Jean-Baptiste Adam - Alsace Grand Cru Kaefferkopf Le Grand K 2015

Domaine Kamm - Riesling Grand Cru Frankstein 2015

Domaine Trimbach - Pinot Noir Réserve Cuve 7 2015

Domaine Trimbach - Riesling 2015

Domaine Trimbach - Gewurztraminer 2015

Domaine Trimbach - Riesling Clos Sainte-Hune 2012

Buy the best Alsace wines at the best prices in private sale, register now !


by   8143 customers  (See reviews)

by  8143 customers  (See reviews)

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