Wine of Moulin-à-Vent appellation
The Moulin-à-Vent appellation covers only two communes - Romanèche-Thorins in the Saône-et-Loire and Chénas in the Rhône département. The decree recognizing the appellation dates from 11 September 1936. However, in 1924, the court in Macon, charged with settling disputes relating to counterfeit versions of a wine that was already renowned, had defined the Cru's geographical boundaries and therefore, in a way, helped give birth to the Moulin-à-Vent appellation, 10 years before the law establishing the AOCs. 

The vineyards producing Moulin-à-Vent wines cover around 670 hectares and have an annual production of about 36,500 hectolitres. The only grape used is the Gamay Noir à jus blanc (black Gamay with white juice), exclusively for red wine. Among the wines produced, special mention should be made of those from Domaine des Terres Dorées, Domaine Dominique Piron, Domaine du Vissoux and Domaine Paul Janin & Fils as well as Château des Jacques. 

The terroir of Moulin-à-Vent features areas of friable pink granitic sand known as gore, infiltrated in places by veins of manganese. This mineral is one of the appellation's special features. Vinification is carried out using whole bunches of grapes. This method is unique to Beaujolais. After going into vat and undergoing the first (alcoholic) fermentation, the grapes are pressed. The run-off juice and press juice are then blended together and undergo a second (malolactic) fermentation, to soften the wine by reducing its acidity. In order to express as many of the wine's components as possible and give Moulin-à-Vent wines their structure, many wine producers use techniques designed to keep the grapes immersed in the juice during fermentation: “grillage” (where the rising cap is kept immersed), cap-punching, rack and return or pumping over. Because of their build, some of the wines of Moulin-à-Vent may spend some time in barrel in order to produce some oak-aged wines allowing the wine producers to broaden their range.

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by   11965 customers  (See reviews)

by  11965 customers  (See reviews)

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Buy the best Moulin-à-Vent wines at the best prices in private sale, register now !


by   11965 customers  (See reviews)

by  11965 customers  (See reviews)

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