Wine of Saint-Bris appellation
The Saint-Bris AOC is a village appellation in the Auxerre wine producing area, in the Yonne département. This appellation is solely for white wines produced within the demarcated area of the Saint-Bris appellation. It was created by decree of 10 January 2003 and replaces the earlier Sauvignon Saint-Bris appellation. The Saint-Bris AOC is produced in the following communes: Saint-Bris-le-Vineux, Chitry, Irancy, Quenne and Vincelottes. 

The Saint-Bris wines come from various Jurassic limestone soils ranging from Portlandian to Kimmeridgian. The terroir lies on Lower Kimmeridgian limestone astartes on the edge of the Yonne’s alluvial deposits and at the foot of marl-limestone slopes. The best-situated plots are located mid-slope facing due north, so ripening takes place in ideal conditions which help to bring out the wine’s fruit content. 

The Saint-Bris AOC produces white wines exclusively from the Sauvignon and Sauvignon Gris grape varieties. Within Burgundy, the Sauvignon is only grown in the area of Saint-Bris-Le-Vineux. This vigorous grape variety produces compact bunches of small, oval grapes with a thick skin and soft, tender pulp, which turn a beautiful golden yellow when ripe. In this Burgundy terroir, it produces dry, light, fresh and very pleasant white wines. Saint-Bris wine lovers will particularly enjoy the wines produced by Domaine William Fèvre and Domaine La Chablisienne.

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by   12716 customers  (See reviews)

by  12716 customers  (See reviews)

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Buy the best Saint-Bris wines at the best prices in private sale, register now !


by   12716 customers  (See reviews)

by  12716 customers  (See reviews)

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