Wine of Arbois appellation
The appellation Arbois was officially declared on May 15th, 1936, making it the first wine appellation in France. The production zone for Arbois extends across the communes of Abergement-le-Grand, Arbois, Les Arsures, Mathenay, Mesnay, Molamboz, Montigny-lès-Arsures, Les Planches-près-Arbois, Pupillin, Saint-Cyr-Montmalin, Vadans, and Villette-lès-Arbois, all in the Jura department in eastern France. 

In a turbulent landscape of limestone scree, the vineyards of Arbois sit on deep, compact soils of clayey, siliceous iridescent marl. With 843 hectares (2,083 acres) under production it is the biggest appellation in the Jura, as well as the most famous. Stéphane Tissot's wines are undoubtedly the best the appellation has to offer. 

The annual production of Arbois, totaling about 42,000 hectoliters, is divided among very dry white wines reminiscent of vin jaune that are quite fresh on the palate; red wine (70% of the appellation's production); vin de paille (“straw wine”); and vin jaune (“yellow wine”) that is very similar to that of the Château-Chalon appellation. Arbois is also known for its dry, fruity rosés made from the Poulsard grape. The five varieties permitted in the production of Arbois are Poulsard, Chardonnay, Savagnin, Pinot Noir, and Trousseau.

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by   7364 customers  (See reviews)

by  7364 customers  (See reviews)

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Buy the best Arbois wines at the best prices in private sale, register now !


by   7364 customers  (See reviews)

by  7364 customers  (See reviews)

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