Wine of Jasnières appellation
The Jasnières AOC, recognized by decree in 1937, is a Loire Valley appellation. The wine producing area covers 2 communes in the département of the Sarthe: Lhomme and Ruillé-sur-Loir. The Jasnières vineyards cover an area of 65 hectares located inside the Coteaux du Loir appellation, with which it is the northernmost appellation of the Loire Valley. Worked by the Cistercian monks in the Middle Ages, celebrated by Henri IV, and mapped out under Louis XIV, the vineyards have undergone a revival in quality coupled with a surge in public interest since the 1970’s. Domaine de Bellivière is among the domaines producing quality wines. 

The Jasnières vineyards grow in a soft chalky soil of the Turonian period, known as Tufa, decomposed into flint clays. The soil lies on steep, stony terrain which is hard to work, but allows the vine to flourish. Protected by the Forest of Bercé to the north and benefitting from adjacent valleys and south-facing hillsides, the Coteaux du Loir vineyards enjoy the temperate Touraine climate with numerous microclimates. 

The Jasnières wine appellation produces white wines only, made from the Chenin Blanc grape variety, also known as the "Pineau de la Loire" or "Pineau Blanc". This is a vigorous, fairly productive, variety producing tight clusters of white grapes which take on lovely golden colours when ripe. Jasnières wines are renowned as being among the best dry white wines of France, characterized by gunflint aromas which are more or less pronounced depending on the vineyard or the vintage. They develop notes of bark, honey, acacia or hawthorn. They also have a remarkable ability to age for decades, and even for over a century. It has been said of Jasnières wine that it is the youngest of the old wines, because after 10 or 20 years in the bottle, it reached its peak when still lively. Depending on the years and the maturity of the grapes, Jasnières produces wines containing varying levels of residual sugar that enable them to be classified as semi-sweet, semi-dry or dry wines.

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by   11734 customers  (See reviews)

by  11734 customers  (See reviews)

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by   11734 customers  (See reviews)

by  11734 customers  (See reviews)

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