Wine of Gaillac appellation
Located in the north of the Tarn département, the Gaillac appellation area covers 2,500 hectares spanning 73 communes producing over 165,000 hl of AOC wine. 

The Gaillac AOCs offer a wide range of colours and tastes. Whether dry white, perlé or red, when you visit the wineries and cellars, you will find finesse in one, a more intense aromatic bouquet in another, and even surprising red fruit aromas in a third. 

Today, the appellation is home to around a hundred private wineries and three cooperatives. Gaillac presents a traditional and varied array of grape varieties due to the diversity of its soil types (three in total) and the great age of the wine region. The diversity of the Gaillac vineyards gives rise to a wide range of wines including dry, sweet and perlé whites, reds and rosés, and sparkling wines. 

There are two climatic influences in the Gaillac area: 
- The mild oceanic climate that reduces the risk of frost and ensures that the vines receive a good supply of water, 
- The Mediterranean climate, hot in summer and autumn, and accentuated by the Autan wind, which enables the grapes to ripen well and ensures that harvesting takes place in clement weather. 

The ambitions of the Gaillac AOC wine producers are now being carried forward by a new generation, who is taking the pragmatic approach of high-level training and combining this with the “passion” of their forebears. Their skills include sales and management techniques as well as familiarity with the latest winemaking technologies.

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by   7364 customers  (See reviews)

by  7364 customers  (See reviews)

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by   7364 customers  (See reviews)

by  7364 customers  (See reviews)

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